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Ambasciata di Francia

Institut Français Italia

Università dell'Insubria


Monday 16th


14:00 Registration and Opening


14:30 Weakest Precondition Style Reasoning about Probabilistic Programs by Benjamin Kaminski
15:05 Parameter Independent Reachability in Parametric MDPs by Sebastian Arming
15:40 On the Metric-based Approximate Minimization of Markov Chains by Giovanni Bacci


16:15 Coffee break


16:45 ULTraS at Work: Compositionality Metaresults for Bisimulation and Trace Semantics by Marco Bernardo
17:20 Cospan/Span(Graph): an Algebra for Open, Reconfigurable Automata Networks by Alessandro Gianola


20:00 Dinner



Tuesday 17th


9:30 Algebra, Coalgebra, Minimization in Polynomial Differential Equations by Michele Boreale
10:05 Bisimulations for Polynomial Differential Equations by Mirco Tribastone


10:40 Coffee break


11:10 Quantitative Modelling of Cognitive Systems by Paolo Milazzo
11:45 The (Il)logic Way to Signal Classification by Luca Bortolussi


12:20 Lunch


14:00 Verification of Markov Decision Processes Using Learning: Rigorous and Efficient by Jan Kretinsky
14:35 Verifying the Leakage of Information in Concurrent Systems by Kostantinos Chatzikokolakis
15:10 Information Leakage Games by Catuscia Palamidessi


15:45 Coffee break


16:15 Weak Simulation Quasimetric in a Gossip Scenario by Simone Tini
16:50 A Quantitative Spectrum for Nondeterministic Probabilistic Processes by Valentina Castiglioni


17:25 Closure