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Financed by

Ambasciata di Francia

Institut Français Italia

Università dell'Insubria

International Symposium on

Quantitative Systems: Theory and Applications

(QuaSy 2017)

Como, 16-17 October 2017



In the last decade, researchers have exploited quantitative systems, like probabilistic, stochastic and real-time systems, to model and analyze computational Systems Biology, biochemical networks, performance evaluation, socio-technical systems and cyber-physical systems. The growing interest in these quantitative systems also motivated the introduction of new hybrid languages for their description and of new techniques for studying their operational semantics, their behavior and the relations between them.



This symposium aims to be a reunion for researchers that are contributing to the development of new techniques and applications for quantitative systems.

Topics of interest iclude (but are not limited to):

- Probabilistic, stochastic, hybrid, real-time, higher-order, and quantum languages;

- Structural operational semantics for quantitative systems;

- Behavioral distances;

- Logics for quantitative systems and model checking;

- Software tools to support the quantitative specification, analysis, and verification of systems;

- Performance evaluation models;

- Quantitative mobile networks;

- Quantitative models for biological systems, membrane computing and biochemical networks.

Presentation of papers already presented at workshop or conferences, original contributions and works in progress are all welcome.

Please send an abstract of your presentation to v.castiglioni2@uninsubria.it within September the 15th, 2017.

No publication will be associated with the event.