The Environment-Health-Safety-Territory Section promotes research activities focussing on impact assessment and prevention/mitigation of risks related to both human activities or installations (industrial processes, waste management, reclamation of contaminated sites and location of plants with significant risk) and natural events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and flooding). Such research activities are inherently distinctively interdisciplinary. In this regard, particular attention is devoted to innovative technologies and management practices aimed at increasing the quality of the work environment and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

There are various research groups, which may essentially be summarized as follows:

  • Earth Sciences
  • Occupational and Environmental Safety Engineering
  • Environmental and Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology
  • Environmental microbiology

August 24, 2016, Amatrice earthquake Preliminary Report

August 24, 2016, Amatrice earthquake Preliminary Report Update 26 Sep 2016

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