The EMG group is headed by Antonio Di Guardo, professor at the Department of Science and High Technology of the University of Insubria at Como.

Antonio Di Guardo

Antonio received his degree in Agricultural Science in 1989, and a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Ecology of Pesticides in 1994, both from the University of Milan. Then he was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, Canada (1994-1996), developing models to predict the fate of chemicals in the environment. After being Assistant Professor of Ecology at the University of Insubria at Varese (1996-2005), he become Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Insubria at Como (2005-2020).

He is now Full Professor of Ecology.

His main object of research is the development of environmental fate models capable to describe and predict the multimedia pathways of organic chemicals in several environmental scenarios.

Elisa Terzaghi

Elisa is a Senior Researcher in the Group. Her research topics are mainly focused on the role of different factors involved in the environmental fate of organic contaminants (exposure assessment) within the ecosystem risk assessment evaluation: 1) soil/litter/vegetation/air interaction in the cycles of organic contaminants such as PCBs, PAHs, PCDDs, PCDFs, and the role of the ecological parameters that influence the temporal and spatial variability of the plant uptake of these contaminants 2) study of the factors that influence the persistence, bioavailability and degradation of organic contaminants in soil considering plant-microbe interactions 3) modelling of these processes for a predictive evaluation of the environmental fate of organic contaminants and therefore of the exposure of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Isabella Gambino
Isabella is a Post Doc fellow. The focus of her research is the study of fate of PFAS and microplastics in water, with analytical and modelling tools.

Hamed Dadkhah-Aghdash
Hamed is a Post Doc fellow. His research focus is on the study of PM and PAHs in the phyllosphere, with the aim of refining the mass balance of PM in the forest ecosystems

Jessica Palladini
Jessica is a Ph.D. student and her focus is on the study of fate and accumulation of two new classes of PCB metabolites: sulfonated- and hydroxy-sulfonated-PCBs

Current Master Students
Corinne Bertipaglia
Giulia Pezzoli

Current Bachelor Students
Davide Siniscalchi

Former Post Doc Fellows
Elisa Terzaghi
Luca Nizzetto
Melissa Morselli

Former PhD Students
Alfonso Infantino
Chiara Maria Vitale
Davide Ghirardello
Elisa Terzaghi
Luca Nizzetto
Melissa Morselli
Parisa Falakdin

Former Master Students
Ada Gabriela Pohlenz
Alessandro Antichi
Alessandro Borgini
Alessandro Rozzoni
Alessia Sailis
Alfonso Infantino
Antonella Arcuri
Antonella Zichella
Arianna Caccia
Chiara Cassani
Claudia Ferrari
Cristina Macchi
Cristina Pastore
Dario Zati
Davide Ghirardello
Elena Saporiti
Elisa Terzaghi
Fatima Tavecchio
Francesca Bracchitta
Gabriele Zacchello
Georgia Salina
Gianmaria Cetti
Ilaria Colombo
Jessica Palladini
Luca Nizzetto
Manuela Frisone
Melissa Morselli
Parisa Falakdin
Paolo Camporini
Serena Zaccara
Sonia Ullucci
Thomas Mercurio

Former Undergraduate Students
Alessia Lipari
Andrea Cattaneo
Andrea Gaion
Daniele Badiali
Davide Dacasto
Elisa Giovanniello
Fatima Tavecchio
Federica Tagni
Francesca Frascoli
Gianluca Massafra
Gianluca Rubello
Gianmaria Cetti
Greta Scardassa
Iacopo Ferrario
Licia Ripamonti
Luisa Miano
Marcello Testa
Marco Scacchi
Martina Calì
Najmeh Hemmatian Pourfard
Roberto Giudici
Serena Marin
Simona Kovarich
Simone Sorze
Virginia Vona

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